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12 Types of Entrepreneurial Animal Spirits

When you are an entrepreneur, you start perceiving work very differently. It is no longer a job, it’s a business. In business, you need to understand what’s going on around you and who you are dealing with all the time.

Like an animal kingdom, entrepreneurs come in many different business personalities. Whether it’s how they work, how they manage time, or how they reach their goals; each spirit is its own boss!

Let’s get to know the 12 types of entrepreneurial animal spirits that you make business with (and find out which one is you!)

You have met this person before. The solo flyer who does everything alone and is pretty content with it. Eagles don’t need you or anybody else; they would rather do it all on their own and make sure they are in full control.

Those are the eagles! Eagles are strong and independent (and they are actually very skillful and resourceful). However, eagles don’t make good leaders for the very same fact that they can’t believe in anyone or anything more than their own skills.

One of the most beautiful creatures there is in life (and in business too!) Horses are simple to deal with, simply because they are 100% focused on work and nothing else can distract them. That’s why they are he best when it comes to logistics and operations.

Horses are quite helpful and will get everything done for themselves as well as others. Watch out for that horse though; if they kick you out you are never coming back, and they kick pretty hard.

Rhinos are real entrepreneurs; they see an opportunity, they know an opportunity, they take the opportunity. NOTHING stops a fast rhino with a goal.

Rhinos see everyone and everything as a means to an end. Unhesitatingly, they will run and they will step on smaller animals (or animal spirits) on the way. Guess the advice here is: you can run alongside with a rhino, but don’t step in a way of one.

An entrepreneur with a monkey spirit is sure someone you’ll never forget no matter how long it’s been. Yeah, they leave the strongest impressions. Why?

Monkeys are attractive when you first meet them, entertaining while working with them, but soon you will know that’s all there is! A monkey plays with lots of emails and has fun with endless meetings but never actually get any business done.

Well, it is monkey business that you need to learn how to separate yourself from so that you don’t waste your own time.

Slow isn’t necessarily bad in itself, but it’s the fact that sloth’s slow speed makes them lose focus of what they need to do or prioritize (it’s a reverse effect issue).

They say they’ll finish it by 10am tomorrow but when you ask about it 10am one week later there is a vague reason (or a bunch of them) and it is still not done!

If you have to, just adjust to working on a sloth time zone because they don’t change.

Every entrepreneur likes to be the lion, wants to be the lion, and believe to be a lion. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, lions are truly rare as they come with a set of traits that are almost impossible to meet in one personality.

Lions roar loud but they don’t have to roar for respect; they are already respected by everyone who meets them (or hears about them!) Lions are fast as they run towards challenges. For lions, it’s not worth hunting unless it’s for dangerous opportunities.

Most importantly, a lion breeds other lions; they lead and they teach as they are not intimidated by seeing others grow as well. After all, they know who is king!

Unfortunately, snake entrepreneurs do exist. One way to look at it is snakes do give meaning to survival. They are maneuvering, sneaky, and will never put anyone else’s interest before theirs.

On the contrary, they will sabotage others for their own benefit if they see the opportunity.


  • You always need to identify a snake to keep your eyes open.
  • You have to stop believing that you don’t work with snakes; because you do!
  • Don’t be a snake.

Cats are survivors because they are unstoppably strategizing their survival plans. They are the most organized and the most conscious entrepreneurs.

Cats might seem careless from a distance but they actually do care; they just don’t like to show it only because they strongly believe in the “all in good time” methodology.

Cats study and analyze before making moves and they always do get what they want because they always play with a plan. Business with cats is very rewarding.

You need a partner? An entrepreneur with a dog spirit is your loyal partner in business. Even though they are loyal, they are also real.

Dogs don’t sugar coat harsh realities, and they won’t hesitate to point out your downfalls before they help you face and fix them.

Mix incredible communication skills with a lot of SMART and you will get a dolphin spirit.

Dolphins make everyone smiley and happy without even knowing why. They just wouldn’t stop working but are 100% around-the-clock cheerful.

They don’t nag because they are in love with what they do. However, because they work hard and smart; dolphins stop having fun and being fun only when they are deeply disappointed in the results.

The sensitive entrepreneur who didn’t really know what they were signing up for. The chicken is not self-motivated, not decisive, can’t deal with risks, and handle setbacks very badly.

Thus, they find themselves lost in the rugged reality of the business world and don’t even know how to get out.

Elephants are strong & mighty; the 2 traits needed to become a business tycoon. They move when they want and how they want. They take their time and wouldn’t follow others’ pace just to get applauded.

Elephants are not in business for praise, they are in it to win it ALL. Elephants prefer to do it right rather than fast.

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