Content That Doesn’t Convert. Why & What to Do About It?

Have you ever had what looks to you like great content but it oddly doesn’t convert? Do you ever wonder why your target audience isn’t responding to your content as enthusiastically as you thought they would? One of those reasons could be why you are stuck in this position.

Your main point isn’t clear, your headlines are boring & not attractive, your CTA comes in late & might never be seen. Get to the point quickly, and with purpose. A strong hook, shorter-form content, and an early CTA can improve the content-consuming journey for your target audience. If you your attractive buy-in, and your message, AND your CTA are hidden; you just lost your potential lead in the sea.

If you are not clear about what you want from your target, how do you expect them to do it? Think about the one ideal action your target audience would take (if you haven’t made your consumer behavior homework, you wouldn’t know). It doesn’t have to be “Shop” or “Buy” right away, there are other actions to consider like “click a link”, “schedule a call”, “learn more”, “read another post” for more brand awareness or like a drip marketing strategy.

What’s the fastest route to wasting excellent copy? Marrying it to a mismatched design. Design and Copywriting has to go hand in hand (like couples in love). They need each other so desperately, and a strong relationship between them can lead to some of the highest-performing content you have ever released. Get your copywriter and designer together; start with a great copy, move on to translating this message clearly through a matching design, and you will end with a masterpiece.

Do you always feel you have your content in place but then it doesn’t work as well as you expected? This is probably because you’re using “marketing-language” instead of “audience-language”.

A common reason why your content isn’t converting is that you are speaking, writing, and designing in a language that doesn’t flow naturally to your target audience. If your content doesn’t speak clearly to your audience, and if you don’t communicate to their pain points in a way they understand, your message will get lost easier than you think!

You should let your audience know how they can benefit from your product/service without them needing to think it on their own. Your product/service maybe a great fit for a potential lead, but your flawed content is capable of reversing that.

You want to showcase your product features and focus on why your service is different and better, right? Not quite!

It is essential to differentiate and stress on value propositions, but the big mistake is when you so heavily focus all your content on the features and forget about communicating the benefits to your target audience.

Conversions probably won’t happen for you unless you start with benefits and then showcase your features because people don’t buy features, they buy with their emotions. They buy what makes them visualize (and even pre-feel) happiness, comfort, safety, and ease.

Content can be very tricky, but it’s easier than you think. At the end of the day, content is just people talking to people. Clear, to the point, target-oriented messaging are the main rules of the content game. Maintain this strategy to elevate your content performance like never before.

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